What Happens If Kids Don’t Brush Their Teeth?

40% of children suffer from preventable tooth decay. This is because of not brushing their teeth properly or not brushing at all. It leads to many other problems, which include pain.

Poor dental hygiene may lead to difficulty when chewing, thus poor food digestion. Concentration in school also becomes a challenge. Dental problems can cause damage to the permanent teeth too. Some kids develop speaking and pronunciation difficulties.

Effects of Poor Oral Hygiene

Failure to get teeth cleaned for a day or two may not have severe effects. The problems likely to be encountered include bad breath, tartar, and plaque buildup.

Food particles find their way in between teeth and on the surface of the teeth. These particles are broken down by the bacteria found in the mouth. The bacteria use the particles as their food leading to the formation of acids.

These acids damage the outer covering of the teeth called enamel. The corrosion leads to the formation of holes in the teeth called cavities. It is usually painful when anything gets inside the holes.

Self Esteem

Children who do not brush their teeth tend to have self-esteem issues because of the appearance of their teeth. Decayed teeth are not the prettiest, and you can ensure your child appreciates their smile by keeping their teeth well cleaned.

Kids who brush their teeth are more likely to concentrate in class, thus being able to grasp things faster. They are less distracted, and their learning capabilities are increased.

Reduced Risk of a Sore Throat

Characteristics of a sore throat from poor oral hygiene include swelling of the tongue, pain, and difficulty in swallowing. Others are blisters containing fluids, fever, and sweating. These symptoms cause a lot of discomfort to children. Do not take chances with your children.

Savings on Dental Treatments

Proper oral hygiene reduces the trips made to the dentist for treatment. Although regular dental checkup is necessary, you will save a lot of money. It is because treating illnesses as a result of poor dental hygiene can cost you a lot of money.

Approximately 19% of children have untreated dental caries. Poor oral hygiene is a significant contributor. Kids who don’t brush their teeth are, therefore, at the highest risk of suffering from dental caries. These children tend to have difficulty eating and sleeping.

Love Your Kids the Healthy Way

In light of these findings, parents have a big role to play to ensure they don’t raise kids who don’t brush their teeth.

Since you always want the best for your children, teaching your children how to brush their teeth properly is an excellent way of expressing it. Some kids have an aversion to the texture of toothpaste. So ease them into it by just using water. Thereafter, you can then get into using a pea size of toothpaste to ease the discomfort.

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