Most kids do not seem to enjoy brushing their teeth. It is, however, not so shocking because some adults dislike it as well.

So how do you get your little ones to do it? Below are some of the tips you can use.

1. Brush Your Teeth at the Same Time

It is a perfect opportunity to lead by example. Let your child watch you brush your teeth as you convince them to do the same. They are more likely to agree to it this way as opposed to when you ask them to do it like a daily chore.

2. Make It Fun

Find exciting ways of making these two minutes as enjoyable as possible. You can consider finding a song and make it your tooth brushing song. Learn it and sing along while at it.

Taking turns also sounds like a great idea. Compete brushing each others’ teeth once in a while and use the other days to practice for the challenge by brushing your teeth. Every kid likes to win.

Make a big deal out of shopping for toothbrushes. Let your child pick their brush. Find a range of exciting toothbrushes and let them choose from those. They will look forward to using a toothbrush of their favorite cartoon character. Brushing should not be a problem from now on.

3. Let Them Know the Benefits

Tell them stories of what happens to kids who don’t brush their teeth. Refer to those characters every time you struggle into getting them to cleaning their teeth.  It’s a long shot, but it should do the trick.

You can also talk to them about germs. Yes, kids find germs fascinating so, giving them details about bacteria found on their teeth before brushing will interest them. Your goal is to have kids with proper oral hygiene. Any trick is a good trick.

4. Make It Part of Your Morning and Evening Routine

Include brushing part of your routine to ensure you don’t leave it out. Consistency will make your aim of making it a habit more attainable. Here is the proper procedure to go about brushing.

  1. Brush the front surface first. The front and the two opposite sides using up and down circular motions.
  2. Proceed to the chewing surface. Brush using straight back and forth motions.
  3. Brush the back of the teeth using up and down motions.
  4. Floss their teeth when necessary.

Appreciate the child after brushing. Make this a habit.

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