Stainless Steel Crowns (SSCs)
Stainless steel crowns are used to restore back teeth that are too badly decayed to hold white fillings.  When tooth decay on back teeth has been left untreated, teeth may have extensive damage to the enamel, dentin and sometimes the nerve (pulp). In such cases, tooth-colored fillings are not a viable option, and stainless steel crowns necessary.  These prefabricated sliver-colored crowns are fit; then cemented onto the primary (baby) teeth to prevent further damage until these teeth are naturally lost.

X-Rays (Radiographs)
In general, children need X-rays more often than adults. Their mouths grow and change rapidly. X-rays can often show weaknesses in the tooth structure (such as demineralization) that may not be visible with the naked eye. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends X-ray examinations every six months for children with a high risk of tooth decay. Children with a low risk of tooth decay require X-rays less frequently.  We use digital radiography which uses approximately 1/4 the radiation of the traditional dental x-rays.

Dental Cleaning (Prophylaxis)
During a dental visit, the dental assistant or hygienist will first review your childs medical history with you. This is to ensure the  staff at Sunray Dental is updated on the general health of your child so that we may review any factors that may concern your childs dental health. Then your childs mouth will be examined for overall oral health.  Next, your childs teeth will be thoroughly cleaned to remove plaque and calculus (hard tarter deposits), which can cause cavities and gum disease. After the cleaning, fluoride will be applied to the teeth to help protect and strengthen the weak areas against decay.  For a healthy child, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends a visit to the pediatric dentist at least every six months to evaluate your childs oral health and development.  However, if your child has special needs or is more predisposed to dental caries, the dentist may recommend more frequent visits to more closely manage your childs oral health.

Cavities form when there is a weakening in the mineral composition of the enamel of your teeth. Fluoride promotes the remineralization of these decalcified spots, therefore helping to prevent cavities.  Low level of fluoride is found naturally in some bodies of water.  Municipal water supplies are often fluoridated to a specific standard level.  Fluoride can also be found in many


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